Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Trends

This summer, its all about neon colors and bold prints. Pull your brightest tones out, for a bold color blocking wardrobe, pair with gold statement screaming jewelry and you will be the talk of the town! Need something a little subtler? Black and white are always a safe play-pair with a bright colored blazer, layer your accessories and you can't go wrong! Floral's are a strong contender this season in the trend circles, especially in dresses and pants!
Check out this beautiful gold statement find, a Betsey Johnson large dragonfly crystal necklace. Retails for $150, purchased for $20 on ebay!

I've said it before, I'm not much of a trend chaser, but I can't help it when I love something cute...and it just happens to be trendy! I've gushing over florals lately, so my trend wishlist this season starts with florals,  everything from jackets to tops, to dresses and shorts! Next on my wishlist is the colorblock, this girl loves color, so it just seems natural to pair a few bright shades together to make a bold statement. Last but not least is gold. Up until a few months ago I never would have looked at something gold, much less purchased it. But its been creeping up on me-and now its found its way onto my wishlist!

Summer Wishlist

Click the image to head to Polyvore, to find out who makes these fabulous items!

What trendy items are on YOUR wishlist this season?


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