Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Services: How to make matching jewelry sets

Welcome to the first of many guest posts on Dear Wallet, Cindy is thrift lover, second-hand picker, and jewelry designer from Sacramento, CA. She is currently in the process of starting her blog, so look for details coming soon on how to contact her! 

So you found that perfect necklace to go with that perfect outfit, but alas, no earrings to match.  

Making your own jewelry can be the solution to this particular dilemma.  It’s fun, easy and cost effective.  Beads, findings (the metal parts that hold it all together) and tools can be found in specialty shops, online and at many big box stores like Joann’s, Beverly’s, Michaels’s and Wal-Mart.  The amber crystal beads that I chose for my earrings were purchased at my local specialty shop.  The total cost for the earrings including the crystals, findings and leverbacks came to under $5 .00. (A true win-win!) 

The first step is to select your components.  In this case I chose amber crystals in a medium size teardrops and tiny filler beads. To minimize frustration, play with different patterns and decide on an arrangement before you begin assembling. 
To complete this project I will need; 4 tiny crystals, 2 medium teardrops, 2 leverbacks, 2 headpins and 2 O rings.  
Next, thread the beads onto the headpin and using wire cutters, clip off the excess and curl the remaining wire into a loop. 
Some O rings are precut but these are not.  
This is easily remedied by making a small snip and slightly separating the ends just enough to slide the drop earring and leverback on.
 Twist back together and voile la!  You have a great pair of earrings.


More jewelry design by Cindy:

All photos courtesy of Silver Daisies Studios.

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