Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Wallet Update

I thought I may take a couple week break from the blog, thinking no one would notice-boy was I wrong! Thank you to all the emails, comments, and facebook messages from everyone wondering what happened! I feel so loved and appreciated, and I want you to know that Dear Wallet is not gone for good! I was struggling keeping up with posts, and thought I would take a quick break to catch my breath.
For one thing, I'm having wrist problems with my right [dominate] hand. Not only was hand writing posts [which I usually do] impossible, but typing them one handed has been [and IS, as I'm doing right now] too difficult to continue. 
I've also spent a lot of time working on a new venture. For the sake of keeping you guys interested I will post a sneak peak, but the details aren't going to be released quite yet. That's all for now, thank  you all to your continued support-I promise Dear Wallet will be back before you know it and better than ever! <3
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Friday, September 7, 2012


You'd think I'd start getting better at this being in FRONT of the camera stuff, but I may be getting worse..oh well. These shots were taken by my assistant aka boyfriend aka Rob. Leave it to a boy, but there are more pictures of the back of this dress, than the front! ;) The only story I have behind this outfit is, I spent all Summer looking for a cute dress to wear! And of course I JUST found it, so the first chance I got I wore it shopping! Nothing like wearing a thrifted dress on a thrifting trip!
What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Snap originally $60- I paid $5 at Goodwill Auburn
Shoes: Miss Me originally $60-I paid $7 at Discovery Shop Auburn
Purse: Nine West originally $90-I paid $7 at Discovery Shop Auburn (although technically I didn't pay for it-it was a gift!)
Necklace: No name -I paid $.25 cents at Goodwill Roseville
Earrings: No name-I paid $1 at Discovery Shop Auburn
Bracelet: No name-I paid $.50 cents at Goodwill Roseville
Originally worth $210+, I paid $20.75 (or $13.75 minus the gift)!!!
I also showed off those cute shoes in My Thrifted Outfit garden edition, make sure you check out that outfit as well!

What do you guys think? Good investment? Hows my styling?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I love vases, what could possibly be an easier way of bringing warmth, comfort and happiness into a home than a couple of flowers? And of course how would you possibly display those flowers without a beautiful vase to go with it? But lets face it, sometimes they can get a little...expensive. So lets bring them down from hundreds of dollars...to a couple dollars.

 BLUE VASE ($180): First off find a fabulous vase you love. You can get them cheap at thrift stores, or even at the dollar stores! Find a shape you like or see potential in! Then spray paint! Choose your favorite color and go for it. Personally, I don't like the idea of paint being inside the vase, so I would turn it over and spray that way and let it dry. Then head to your local craft store and find some great appliques! They come in wood, foam and more! Find your favorite and stick on! You can even paint over them before you stick them on, or after using watered down paint on a cotton ball for a distressed look!

YELLOW VASE ($800): I love how funky and vibrant this is; to make your own find a funky vase shape you can't live without! Spray paint your favorite color (follow the instructions above), and use scrapbook rub ons to put the fun decals! Rub ons are super cheap, super easy and come in everything from shapes to pictures to quotes!

TURQUOISE VASE ($200): I wish I could find a cute vase like this around here! Thankfully my local dollar store has cute round vases that are screaming for this! Paint your base color first (in this color scheme that would be gold), let dry and then cut out the shapes you want in painters tape. Measure and place on the vase, once you have them in place (and pressed down tightly), spray paint again with your top color (turquoise). And Whola! Perfection and fun vases for a mere couple dollars! 

I can't wait to see what you guys are doing with your vases! Make sure to send me pictures if you try any INSPIRATION projects! You may just get yourself featured!

Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Ways to Create a Textured Backdrop without Wallpaper

 For many living in rentals, the rule for 'no wallpaper' is quite apparent. For others, they don't like the look of it. And for some, they have an aversion for it because it tends to date itself quickly, colors may fade if on a wall facing direct sunlight, it can get expensive-fast, and lets face it, it's not a 10 minute put up/take down project! But wallpaper creates color, texture, and pattern on a wall that may otherwise end up white and forgotten. So if you're wishing for that look, but minus the wallpaper-whats a girl (or guy!) to do? One word. Cluster.

1. Wall Gallery: Hello .25 cent frames from your favorite thrift store! Grab any shape or size or color you like and color accordingly! Coordinate them by painting them all the same color, or leave them au-naturale for a funky eclectic look! Fill with anything! Wallpaper, paint chips, kids paintings, family pictures, maps, postcards, handkerchiefs, fabric, scrapbook paper-oh my, the possibilities are endless!
Small cluster hanging in a very small area in the hallway. (Photographs by my mother, not me!)
2. Clustered Artwork: scout out your local thrift stores, school art fairs (support a student artist!), and garage sales for artwork that catches your eye. Collect in themes; by color, style, medium, subject, or go crazy and grab anything that creates emotion! Cluster along the wall, place an item anywhere it will fit and you will never miss color or texture in that room again!

3. Dishes: Mismatched (or matching!) plates are sure to give a elegant and colorful pop to any room. Treat them in clusters, or create shapes to make it fun! Add in silverware for an unexpected pop of shine and texture! Don't like dishes? Find a favorite object, collect and hang!
Star cluster hanging in the entry way outside.
4. Bunting: These adorable little flag garlands have a fantastic way of bringing out personality in a room. Whether you're look is more rustic with burlap, girly with floral fabric, natural with wood cutouts, patriotic with country flags, or 'green' with recycled items; bunting is the perfect way to add texture and color to your room without overloading. Plus they are small and light making them easy to tape on the wall if you can't nail, and even easier to change out with the season! Try layering them for extra depth!

5. Canvas: Canvases are the ideal wall hangings, they are light and easy to hang or move, and they come built in with texture! Add a splash of color with paint (and paint over that when you get bored), find some cheap artwork to hang from the store, cover with fabric, or collage paper on it! The 3D nature of canvases turn any simple project into a professional looking one! Hang your canvas as one super large one, or in a clutter to fill up the wall!

6. Mirrors: Mirrors make rooms larger, which is perfect for a small cramped apartment! Collect your favorites from thrift stores in varying colors and sizes and shapes and create a beautiful cluster on the wall. The shapes will create movement and texture, the color will add pops where you need it in the room, and the mirrors will make the room bigger. Did I mention beautiful?

7. Tapestries/Quilts: Quilts and tapestries are simply textile artwork. So much time, energy, effort and love goes into these pieces and they do not deserve to sit unused. However I understand the safety concern with using thrifted quilts, but try them on the wall instead! (After its been cleaned!) They act as a gorgeous original piece of artwork, full of texture, color and whimsy! There is a quilt design for anyone out there, no matter how country, traditional, or contemporary you are!

8. Light: I know, I know, lights is totally original right? Well then create an unusual spin on them! Use rope lights to spell out your favorite words (LOVE or FAITH anyone?), place christmas lights behind canvases to get beautiful atmospheric light-go a step farther and cut holes into the canvas and stick the lights through them (remember lightbright?)!

9. Chalkboard: Chalkboard has to be my favorite texture of anything. If people would let me, I would probably paint everything with chalkboard paint. Furniture, walls, lamps. Yup. Try it for yourself! Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint, then you can change out the 'word' (LOVE/FAITH etc) every season, or when you get bored! Want something less bold? Paint a canvas or frame!

10. Flowers: Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up any room, whether they are real or fake they have color and texture like nothing else! Try them in bouquets, by putting vases on the walls, or attaching to frames! Or create beautiful garlands that stretch across the room. Create clusters inside of frames and change out with the season or when you change the color scheme!

You inspired yet? Make sure you follow me on Pinterest to keep up with other great ideas!
Which of these ideas have you done, or are you going to try next? What other ideas do you have for creating color, texture and depth in a room without wallpaper?
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