Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I love vases, what could possibly be an easier way of bringing warmth, comfort and happiness into a home than a couple of flowers? And of course how would you possibly display those flowers without a beautiful vase to go with it? But lets face it, sometimes they can get a little...expensive. So lets bring them down from hundreds of dollars...to a couple dollars.

 BLUE VASE ($180): First off find a fabulous vase you love. You can get them cheap at thrift stores, or even at the dollar stores! Find a shape you like or see potential in! Then spray paint! Choose your favorite color and go for it. Personally, I don't like the idea of paint being inside the vase, so I would turn it over and spray that way and let it dry. Then head to your local craft store and find some great appliques! They come in wood, foam and more! Find your favorite and stick on! You can even paint over them before you stick them on, or after using watered down paint on a cotton ball for a distressed look!

YELLOW VASE ($800): I love how funky and vibrant this is; to make your own find a funky vase shape you can't live without! Spray paint your favorite color (follow the instructions above), and use scrapbook rub ons to put the fun decals! Rub ons are super cheap, super easy and come in everything from shapes to pictures to quotes!

TURQUOISE VASE ($200): I wish I could find a cute vase like this around here! Thankfully my local dollar store has cute round vases that are screaming for this! Paint your base color first (in this color scheme that would be gold), let dry and then cut out the shapes you want in painters tape. Measure and place on the vase, once you have them in place (and pressed down tightly), spray paint again with your top color (turquoise). And Whola! Perfection and fun vases for a mere couple dollars! 

I can't wait to see what you guys are doing with your vases! Make sure to send me pictures if you try any INSPIRATION projects! You may just get yourself featured!

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