Friday, September 7, 2012


You'd think I'd start getting better at this being in FRONT of the camera stuff, but I may be getting worse..oh well. These shots were taken by my assistant aka boyfriend aka Rob. Leave it to a boy, but there are more pictures of the back of this dress, than the front! ;) The only story I have behind this outfit is, I spent all Summer looking for a cute dress to wear! And of course I JUST found it, so the first chance I got I wore it shopping! Nothing like wearing a thrifted dress on a thrifting trip!
What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Snap originally $60- I paid $5 at Goodwill Auburn
Shoes: Miss Me originally $60-I paid $7 at Discovery Shop Auburn
Purse: Nine West originally $90-I paid $7 at Discovery Shop Auburn (although technically I didn't pay for it-it was a gift!)
Necklace: No name -I paid $.25 cents at Goodwill Roseville
Earrings: No name-I paid $1 at Discovery Shop Auburn
Bracelet: No name-I paid $.50 cents at Goodwill Roseville
Originally worth $210+, I paid $20.75 (or $13.75 minus the gift)!!!
I also showed off those cute shoes in My Thrifted Outfit garden edition, make sure you check out that outfit as well!

What do you guys think? Good investment? Hows my styling?



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