Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Wallet Update PT2-Self Sustaining

Where do I start...I've been gone for almost exactly two months (and I've missed you all so much!)-the funny part is, when I stopped posting, I actually got MORE page views than when I was writing 3-5 posts a week! I've received tons of emails, comments, and messages from people concerned about my absence and I'm so honored! I'd love to say that I am 'back', but unfortunately I can't guarantee that. I can promise to try to post as often as I can though!

 I wanted to give a little sneak peak as to one of the many reasons I've been gone, I started a new project called 'Self Sustaining' and includes not only handmade props and styling, but self portraiture as well! This first piece is a concept shot for the cover of my coffee table book. I have not released any more teasers of the props or shoots I've completed yet though. To read more about this project head to my other (neglected) blog Ariana Neala!
A little information in case you don't feel like reading two blog posts:

Entitled- "Cereal'
"A series of masks and accessories were created for this shoot [one pictured], 3D triangles created using a total of 9 cereal boxes and archival glue. Roughly 3 hours for creation of the accessories. All materials were up-cycled from finished cereal boxes from multiple families."

I really urge you to read my little teaser and please, please, PLEASE pin and share and make it go viral! My hopes for the project extend much farther than a simple coffee table book and I need your help to get there! Thank you! =)

In other blog news, I have an INSPIRATION project for you tomorrow AND a (late) Liebster Award on Wednesday! Plus more sneak peaks of what I've been up to coming up after Thanksgiving!


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