Tuesday, November 27, 2012

INSPIRATION [gift giving guide]

Today's INSPIRATION is a little different than most, but since the holidays are in full effect, and time is running out for handmade holiday, I thought I'd give a little inspiration from now until December 25th! Every week I will feature three INSPIRATION projects just for gifts! Today features for HIM, HER, and the PET!
INSPIRATION gift giving guide pt1

FOR HIM: Men have a thing for globes, maybe it gives them a sense of wisdom and class that traveling provides. They give a masculine touch to any room, and look smart in any den or office! That's why this awesome chalkboard globe is so awesome! Not only does it look and feel masculine, but adds a great functionality and conversation starter. (I know, I know. A globe IS functional-but when's the last time YOU used one?? Google is faster!) Globes can often be found cheap in thrift stores, fix up an old one with a quick coat of paint from the craft store! Chalkboard paint comes in any color, apply with a brush or spray can [you can even make your own]! For extra oomph- you can add wood contact paper to the base to give it an extra elegance from the dollar store!

FOR HER: Looking for the perfect gift of bling and beauty for that special girl in your life? Combining washers (silver or gold!) with like-colored 'o' rings and finishing off with your favorite bracelet clasp creates a totally custom and cute bracelet! Simply grab your materials and play with the pattern until you find something you love! Then attach using the 'o' rings! For extra custom, spray paint the washers before you attach in a favorite color!

FOR PET: Toys are always a favorite for the pets in my home, and they can never have too many! Grab a cheap wool sweater from your local thriftstore, and cut out some cute designs from a piece of paper. (Dog bones are easy!). Wash the sweater in HOT water followed by the dryer so it shrinks a bit. Lay flat and cut out the shapes in the sweater. Make sure you cut out top and bottom layers so you have two pieces. Depending on the size of the toys, you could easily make 4+ toys out of one sweater! If you're handy with a sewing machine, flip the pieces so the outside is inside and stitch around the shape until you have about 1-2 inches left open, turn right side out and fill with cotton OR with left over pieces from the sweater! Stitch the rest by hand and whola-a cheap toy for your pet (that they will lovingly destroy in your honor)!

One thing I need to make sure gets through everyone's head: the holidays are not about the gifts. I LOVE spending time figuring out the perfect gift for someone I love. Watching them open it and seeing their eyes light up when they see something so personal and unexpected  (IE: NOT what they asked for on their wish list). But its the effort into giving that means something, not the gift itself. Budgets are incredibly important to remember this time of year, because what you spend on a gift for Christmas CAN affect what you will eat this week. Don't focus on the amount being spent, it's ok to make your per-person budget smaller than usual if it needs to be. It's ok to spend more time than money on a gift. Handmade has an amazing effect on people. Be financially responsible this holiday, and spend more time WITH your family, than LOOKING for gifts. =) 

And as always,  if you make one of these, send me a link or picture! I'd love to feature it!
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