Thursday, August 23, 2012

Christmas Price Check FREE Printable

 Told you more Christmas Goodies were coming, and here's the next edition! Possibly my favorite-probably because I love lists AND saving money, so this is a double winner in my book! Once upon a time I was shopping online for a very expensive item, I found a place offering it a LOT cheaper than others, but the shipping was twice the amount as the other places. Thus I created this very sheet to help me tally the prices and therefore save money! I've turned it into a festive, but not too festive worksheet so you guys can keep track of your Christmas shopping prices, allowing you to shop around when you have time, and ensure you get the best price you can!

TIP: Make sure you look around for coupons every chance you get to help you save even more money! 

The worksheet is easy (and free as always!), once you've decided on a gift for someone simply fill it in the item spot. Then find 2-3 stores offering it, record the cost + shipping cost, and total it up. Once you've price checked around a few times (and looked for coupons to lower them even more)! Then choose the best spot for you to purchase from! Keep in mind shipping times as well. For example Amazon offers free shipping on certain items, but it takes a month to receive it. If you have an event you need the item for coming up, make sure you choose the shipping options that works best for you!  

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Blue Christmas

Jingle Bells
Sleigh Rides

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