Tuesday, August 14, 2012

INSPIRATION [wild in white]

I'm a huge fan of white, especially in high gloss. A quick coat or two of high gloss white adds instant glam and sophistication to anything. Since animal figurines at always popular and easy to collect I decided to do a wild in white theme for this weeks Inspiration post!

INSPIRATION wild in white

WHEN PIGS FLY: Such a cute, whimsical touch to any room without being overbearing or juvenile. The white adds an adult spin to the fun nature of the statue! Depending on the size you choose, you could grab a ceramic piggy bank, or go smaller with a plastic figurine from your local craft store. Add wings from any craft section (feather, wood, metal or even try jewelry pieces)! Use super glue to attach, grab a dowel rod and wood block to finish it off. If you are using heavier pieces, drilling holes to attach the pig to the dowel to the wood will be necessary! The finishing touch is white paint to bring it all together!

BUNNY LOVE: Another cute touch to a room, subtle but a great accessory to complete it! Grab a couple bunnies in different sizes or stances and glue together in a loving position. If you use plastic figurines, a tacky glue or even superglue and hot glue will work. If you go with ceramic figurines, make sure you use an epoxy made for that! Finish it off with high gloss white spray paint!

ANIMAL NAPKIN RINGS: These are so cute for your next party, or for every day use! Grab a cardboard toilet paper roll (or paper towel) and wrap sculpey clay around it, be creative to create shapes that resemble animals like owls and snails! Abstract is fun, stay basic with your shapes to keep it easy! Slide the clay off the rolls to bake (follow the instructions on the package!)-when its cool, paint it-but be careful, use food-safe paint since your napkin (which touches your mouth!!) will be touching it!

RABBIT CANDLESTICK: There are a lot of ways to create something fun like this, if you want to use heavy duty pieces (ceramic and porcelain) then grab a drill and use a metal rod to create the structure. If you want something a little lighter, grab a heavy base animal figurine (to weigh it down), and use plastic kids tea cups to build up the candle stick. If you are not using a rod to create the structure I suggest piling straight up, rather than creating the fun shape shown here. To top it off, cut off the top of a candle stick holder (a cheap one from the thrift store) and spray paint. You can get fire-safe paint, for this project I would suggest it! Have fun with your piling, be creative and get some fun shapes!

Have you tried one of these projects or techniques? I'd love to see it! Send me a link or picture so I can feature it on my blog!

To find out information about the products used, please click the image to head to Polyvore!
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  1. Always love your wonderful ideas. Very inspirational!


  2. A gal after my own heart. Found this in a linky party and will now spend the rest of my evening remorselessly stalking every corner of this brilliant blog!

    1. Aw you just made my day! Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comment!! =)

  3. Thank you for sharing you clever idea at Potpourri Friday!

    1. Glad you enjoyed! If you ever try one, make sure to share the results!


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