Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Organizing my Vanity | Arm Candy Edition

**Before you guys get too concerned, I do have an article coming this week, I just messed around with the schedule of my posts to try something new! I also have a DIY project coming up-so stay tuned, and hit that follow button on the sidebar to stay up-to-date!**

I'm in the process of updating my vanity, now by vanity I mean my dresser top (obviously! ;)) because I have ZERO room for an actual vanity (someday...). You may remember my fun post for a Ring Display! Well now I will introduce my bangle display!
Here was my dilemma, I love bangles. I have many, and I tend to buy more and more every time I go thrifting (oops)! For a long time I stored them on long neck wine bottles (on top of my dresser). I also stored bouquets for my photography business in them as well. It worked because it kept them out of the way and they were nicely displayed. The problem was if I wanted to wear one near the bottom I would either have to (take out the bouquets) pour them all off, or skip it. I wanted needed something that was easier.
I spent some time on Pinterest, and google, sketching ideas, and finally decided that a bowl would be the easiest and cheapest route. I made plans for the potential bowl I was going to create (yes DIY)-and then I went thrifting. And found a bowl that only dreams are made of. Ok, maybe not. But I do love it, and when I saw it I had to have it!
I've done some research on it, and it is certainly quite common (especially on etsy). Frustratingly, there are varying facts on it-an 80's Canadian designer versus a 60's Italian designer. While I'd love to know who made it, I love it regardless. Plus-who can pass it up for $1.99!
It works perfect for my bangles, which by the way, after I took these pictures I found the other half of my collection. Turns out not only was it time consuming to take them off the wine bottles-but to put them back as well!
So how do you guys like it? What do you use to hold your bracelets?
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  1. Now that is a great idea and way to store your jewelry! Stopping by from My Girlish Whims!

    Stop by my blog anytime and Be inspired!



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