Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 Ways to be a smarter thrifter

We've all been there, your standing in front of the perfect [insert item here], and you're debating whether or not this piece deserves a spot in your closet/home/garage/friends home-how do you decide? When is the right to time to say no? And when is the right time to say yes to the impulse buy? Have no fear, whether you're shopping at the mall or at your favorite thrift store, Dear Wallet has figured that out for you!
dear wallet shopping tipsWhen to say yes:
1. When your head over heels in love (DUH)!
2. When your mind dives into overdrive seeing all the potential in the item for where you can wear/place/give it too
3. When the price tag says "you'd be crazy not to"!
4. When you've been searching for the perfect XZY for-EVER!
5. When you walk away and realize how disappointed you'd be if it wasn't there when you got back.

When to say no:
1. When you really like it...but don't love it.
2. When you feel little-to-no inspiration regarding where you will put/wear/give it to
3. When the price makes you cringe
4. When you have no need or really want for it
5. When you walk away...and forget to come back!

Seems self explanatory written down right? But HOW do you walk away when you fit into maybe 2 points on each scale? Here's how:

1. Leave your wallet in the car-this forces you to put not only mental, but physical exertion into your decision making. Trust me, if you don't LOVEitHAVEtoHAVEit-you will pass on it!
2. Pay in cash-this is an old trick that works! Credit cards trick the mind into thinking plastic isn't money, making impulse buys more common. Cash is real and a physical loss, if you don't need it or really want it, this can and will help you from making impulse buys.
3. Create a wishlist, set a budget...and stick to it! -sounds easy, but can be difficult. Pre-think of all those great items you want and need for your home; furniture, summer dresses, shoes, etc-create a list either visually (like Pinterest-hey add me if you haven't already!) or a text list. And set a budget for each item, for example "I won't spend any more than $50 on a console table for the living room, and $15 on a new summer dress", finally, set a monthly or trip budget such as "I will spend no more than $200 on furniture this month, and no more than $50 on new shoes, or this shopping trip my budget is $25"-even if you go over your budget, (and I'm not referring to financial budgets: just shopping budgets to try and keep you from impulse buying) if you put this work into it, and really make the choice to go over-its because you really, really want it.
4. Evaluate the reasoning behind the purchase-is it functional or emotional? Maybe you love the dress because the color makes your smile, or you had a really stressful day at work and those shoes look amazing right now...these are emotional purchases, ones that once the emotional feeling you get during the impulse buy wears away, you won't feel towards it anymore. More importantly, decide which side the purchase falls behind-functional or emotional, and decide how that makes you feel. If the color makes you happy- that's not a bad thing, just make sure its something that will continue to make you happy over the course of its lifetime!
5. Choose your shopping buddies wisely-much harder than it sounds, but certain friends and family can bring out the impulse buyer in you. If you're not sure if they are affecting your shopping habits, grab your last ten receipts and look for clues! Who was with you, why did you buy these items, who were they for? You may notice things about your shopping habits you never noticed before, and choose wisely. If you need to cut back on your impulse buying, then choose a shopping buddy that doesn't encourage it, or go by yourself!

Would you add anything to this? Let me know!
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  1. Such great tips! Haha unfortunately EVERY falls under the must have category! :)


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