Wednesday, July 11, 2012


dear wallet treasure hunt #1
I've been scoring some great furniture lately during my thrifting and garage sale-ing escapades, and I can't wait to show you the before and afters of some of these pieces! Embarrassingly I have to admit that other than buying fabric (another great score-check facebook to see more about that), I haven't begun any of these reconstructions. But alas, here's a sneak peek of their pre-amazing goodness!
First up is this adorable (but outdated) footstool, its low to the ground 9.5" high, the seat is 14.5" by 11". I have some huge plans for this piece and luckily I only paid $2 for it! Originally intended as a photo prop, this little gem may find a place in my own after all, found it at a local garage sale (Auburn, CA).
dear wallet footstool
This second footstool was obviously handmade, and definitely outdated as well. But its sturdy and the shape has great potential. I paid a little more for this one (ok a lot more, but I couldn't resist!) -this piece has even bigger plans, and I can't wait for you to see the outcome! The seat pops out making fixing it up even easier, but the rungs are made from different woods, and consequently different sizes (oops)-join the conversation about the fabric I found for it on facebook-Goodwill Roseville.
dear wallet footstool
This cane chair was love at first sight, much higher than I would normally pay at $30, but it has gotten great use out of it (obviously) . (This piece was actually found a while ago...oops!) I've been indecisive for a while about what to do to it, but I've finally decided and can't wait to start the reconstruction! It was in pristine condition when I first got it, but after countless photo sessions, and commandeering it as my computer chair the back has begun falling apart. -SPCA Thrift in Roseville.
dear wallet cane chair
I've secretly always wanted one of those adorable and glamorous vanity mirror trays, and when I saw the trim on this I snatched it up-only to realize after it was a cute narrow version measuring 18"x8". I'm thinking of painting it bronze or gunmetal-what do you guys think? -Goodwill in Roseville for $3.99

dear wallet vanity mirror

Last up is jewelry! I love love love the mint blue color and the fabulous diamond cuts to this bangle! I snatched this piece up for $.50 cents!-Discovery Shop Auburn
dear wallet bangle mintThis wooden bangle was way too cute to pass up, and for only $.25 it was love at first sight! -Assistance League Auburn

dear wallet bangle wood

These corrugated ombre post earrings were screaming my name and lucky me were only $.50! I can't get enough of the texture and colors! -Discovery Shop Auburn

dear wallet ombre earring posts

Finally, these simple circle dangles were fun and teeming with potential, dirty gold (bronze-ish?) and plastic, perfect for when inspiration hits. And at $.50 I wasn't leaving without them!-Assistance League Auburn

dear wallet dangle earrings gold

What's your favorite? Any suggestions for what I should do to any of them? Have you gone thrifting lately? Post links to your thrift hauls!
..and make sure you read up on how to clean your thrift goodies before you use them!
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ariana neala dear wallet


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog =) Your footstool is very similar! It's such an easy project, and I just love having these around. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  2. Thank you! You may have inspired me to get my butt in gear! I just found some fabric, so hopefully soon! =)

  3. Great finds! Love the bracelets you found...

  4. Thanks! I love your name by the way! ;)

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