Tuesday, July 31, 2012

INSPIRATION [american (comic book) superhero]

To conclude this month of all things American, Inspiration this week is all about American [comic book] superheros! Remember that poll from the first week of July? Here's what the results were!

INSPIRATION american superhero

BATMAN: Batman is a personal favorite, and a great protector of Gotham City! If you're a supporter, check out this easy to make top! Pick out a comfortable black top, and print out a Batman template. Cut out the yellow area in the logo, and tape onto the shirt. Put on a hanger and place it somewhere safe (outside probably!) Pour half and half bleach and water into a spray bottle, mix up and spray at the tank. Let it drip dry to get this great splatter effect!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Captain America seems to be a favorite among Dear Wallet fans! And why not? He's all about America! Create these cute earrings with buttons painted using nail polish and star stickers, and put an earring post on the back!

SUPERMAN: Superman fans seem to rival Batman, if this is your guy then support him with this simple but effective top! Choose a shirt, and print out the Superman logo, cut out all the yellow pictured, and tape onto the shirt. Use fabric paint in your favorite color to stamp on using a flat foam brush and wait for it to dry! Wear it with pride!

Did you make one of these? Have another superhero in mind, or make something else to support your favorite? Send me a link or picture! I'd love to feature it!

To find out information about the products used, please click the image to head to Polyvore!
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  1. Great features! Gotta try the earings. Found you at Friday Fun Party. Hope you can come over to my blog too.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! If you try any INSPIRATION techniques, make sure you send me a picture or link so you can get featured! Heading to your blog now! =)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Great post!



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