Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Old Treasure to New Treasure, a question

Have you ever wandered into an unsuspecting thrift store only to be passionately attacked by an item that oozes with potential? I'm talking a little paint there, a lot of paint here, a few snips of this and that, maybe a glitter coat or new fabric, get rid of that piece, definitely add that one…in your mind you see this gorgeous finished piece standing proudly in your home. Except as beautiful and gorgeous, and proud as you are of this fantastic transformation…it doesn't actually belong in your home?

Whether you don't have the room, or the price isn't right, or it would look perfect in yellow…but you hate yellow...I've been there. A lot. In fact its the number one reason I'm working on opening a shop-I see potential in everything (my lack of storage agrees). But here's the kicker. You have to admit, this item you've already transformed in your mind, is totally adorable on its own. The shape is unique, the color is beautiful, that little tassel thingy on the top: perfection. If you redid it it would be indistinguishable from its previous life. And if you happen to love the size/color/shape-the price would be perfect. No scratches in the paint, fabrics in pristine condition…etc.

So here's the question? Do you purchase it or not? Do you remake this piece of perfection into a whole new piece of perfection that you may or may not keep or sell? (Again) my lack of storage is currently dictating not. But even if I had the storage, could I bare to destroy something so beautiful and innocent just to create something that I imagine to be beautiful in an entirely different way?

It's one thing to make treasure to trash. But what about treasure into different treasure? Is their a moral thrifting code that depicts you can't take someone else's treasure away from them? Or am I simply putting too much thought into the matter?

What do you think? Do you ever run across this situation?
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