Monday, July 9, 2012

INSPIRATION [patriotic decor]

Patriotism isn't something that should be celebrated one day a year, it should be every day, something American's should be proudly living and breathing. Yes there are opposing political parties, and they don't always get along. Yes there will always be things in our government we don't agree with. But that's the amazing thing about democracy, we have the right to disagree, the right to fight. Whether we agree or disagree with what our current affairs are, it is our American right. Stepping off of my soapbox, I've found a few ways to bring patriotism back into the home in small ways, ways that may not prove to the world we are proud of our country, but instead offer a simple reminder everyday of who we are and what we are fighting for.

INSPIRATION patriotic decor

PIGGY BANK: This piggy bank was way too much fun to pass up. A quick way to reinvent your boring childhood piggy bank into something sparkly, fun, and alllllll american! Simply using any paint or nailpolish on hand, paint the basic areas of the bank the preferred color, and bedazzle using scrapbook rhinestones, or cheap bulk rhinestones with a dab of hot glue! Instant beautification!

FRAME: This frame is such a great reminder of who we are, place a family heirloom photo in it, or update with your most recent family photo for a strong reminder every what you have to be thankful for! Using painters tape, tape off the areas, and using any paint on hand, or nail polish color accordingly! Use rhinestone stars to pretty it up, or place stickers on it before painting, and peel off when it dries to leave the shape!

PILLOW: Comfortable and cozy! Find a cheap plain pillow, use tape to create the sections and star stickers for the stars, and dab fabric paint in the areas. When it dries, pull it off, heat seal and wash!

Have another idea, or tried one of these? Send me a link or picture! I'd love to feature it!
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