Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update-Social Media

UPDATE: I've been meaning to do a post for this for a while, but for anyone who follows my facebook page learned that on Wednesday a fire broke out in my area, and hundreds of people have been evacuated. Towards the beginning of the fire it was dangerously close to us, however the wind took it the opposite direction. Unfortunately that now means its following the American River down into the canyon making it incredibly difficult to get to. Because of the fire, I've taken a break from my crafting and blogging duties, which means the tutorial that should have been posted today-will not be coming until next week when I am able to finish it! So I will take this time to post a social media list to make sure you guys are following me!



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•All this info will be reposted under my brand new About Me! (ahem...which hasn't been written yet ;))•

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  1. Hey, I don't know if you're self hosted or not but if you aren't, I think it's against wordpress policies to advertise :( I've heard they take blogs down for it.

  2. Too bad! Thanks for the heads up-looks like I might be switching back to blogger! lol


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