Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bathroom cupboard into yarn storage

Once upon a time there was a girl with a rather large collection of yarn. After purchasing a few cabinets that were quickly overthrown with skeins, the yarn ended up in a trash bag. Then one day the girls mother went yard sale-ing and came home with a bathroom cabinet that happened to match the girl's other cabinets. And that is where this story begins...

It's true, I see potential in everything and therefore yarn becomes mine maybe a little too fast...Nonetheless, when my mother [I know, I know, how awesome is my mom?!] brought me this cabinet, I was skeptical my yarn collection would fit. Super Thrifty Mom to the rescue found this gem at a yard sale in South Auburn, it was the bottom half of a two-part bathroom cabinet set up for $25. She simply ASKED if she could take the bottom half and the lady said 'sure, $10'. Hello awesome! Similar sets run between $80 and $200!

Cute right? 19"x9.5"x36.5" I had the perfect little spot under my coat rack. I love the glass on one door, and the beadboard detail on the other!

white cupboard dear wallet

Unfortunately as you can see something sitting on the bottom shelf had destroyed the top coat and torn it right off!

So here's how I fixed it:
First do your usual dusting, and regular cleaning. I used Simple Green.
Then I used diluted bleach to sanitize the whole piece, after which I used sand paper to smooth the bottom shelves damage.
A quick coat of white paint and whoa-la!  Good as new!

Getting back to my story, cute cupboard + trashbag of yarn = Perfectly adorable yarn storage! (yes they actually all fit, I even have room for a few more skeins--shh! Don't tell my boyfriend! ;))

white cupboard dear wallet

I'm thinking I need some cute crystal doornobs! What do you guys think? 

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