Monday, October 10, 2011

Thrifting Adventures

I like to call my thrift purchases 'projects'. Why? Because whether it's a nice cleaning, or sewing buttons on, or spray painting it, there's always something to be done. Therefore mini projects! Today's thrift adventure features three items I found recently during my excursions. So meet my new projects:

First is this adorable yellow cropped jacket, I have always wanted one. Why, I don't know. But I did and it was cute-did I mention it was only $4?

This gem is H&M, found at Deja Vu in a Dress, in Roseville, CA.
cropped jack dear wallet I love the pleated arms and the large button. Unfortunately as you can see it's not only missing a button, but the top one fell off shortly after this picture was taken. TLC time!
cropped jacket dear wallet

My second find that day is a cute little scarf, perfect for a fall day where you need something to keep the warmth in, but not really 'keep you warm'. Hand knit in all it's imperfection glory, this find was just $2 at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Roseville, CA.
knit scarf dear walletMy last find was actually  purchased a week before the others, while shopping in Auburn, CA Goodwill. $1 for an owl toothbrush holder. Hasn't been cleaned yet (other than a quick soap and water rinse), and it's definitely not in use yet either. Did I mention I LOVE all things owl? This little guy is no exception!  Kudos to my friend who found it for me!
owl toothbrush holder dear wallet Make sure you check out my thrift post on how to clean your purchases! What thrifty goodies have you picked up recently?


  1. i love all your finds! but that's so cute. you could even just stick little flowers in it, or pens! i can't believe it was only a dollar. such luck.

  2. Thanks! I know, I was so excited to find it! I love the idea of a vase, or even the pencil holder! I was literally just thinking yesterday I need a jar for my pens: perfect! Thanks again!


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