Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's in your toolbox?

Yes it crossed my mind to name this post "what's in your wallet" as inspired by the Capital One commercial slogan. But I decided against it for two reasons. 1) this post was titled by a reader when she emailed asking 'whats in your toolbox?' 2) it would be really difficult to fit all these items in a wallet. That said, you're welcome to try and I encourage you to email me a picture of the outcome! ;)

Did I mention I love mail? No? Well I do, so email away! Questions, comments, and pictures are always welcome and encouraged! =)

Back to the question at hand:
Dear Wallet,
What's in your toolbox for thrifting construction and renovation? What 'tools of the trade' do you find most useful in your thrifting adventures?
Sally B.

First off, I love that Sally titled it 'dear wallet' ♥! Secondly, I encourage you to check out my thrift clothes cleaning post if you haven't already. It's a gem of information and already gives you some of the items I'm about to mention. Stay tuned for November when the thrift furniture cleaning post comes out!
toolbox dear wallet

Thrift Clothes Restoration & Decoration Toolbox
[is this name too long??]

Sewing Kit: I'm not a sewer myself, but I do have a little travel sewing kit which makes mending tiny holes, or replacing buttons easy.
Bleach Pen: This can save a white item from the trash bin, or can make bland shirts/pants awesome!
Plastic Kitchen Tub: [See cleaning post for this, and other cleaning items]
 Jewelry Pliers: To fix loose or damaged jewelry or just to make your own statement pieces! [See Guest post coming October 23rd!]
Leather Cleaner: Not only to help clean a leather item, but to moisturize it and give it new life!
Permanent Markers: [white, brown, and black] To fix scuffs and small marks on shoes and bags!
• Guerrilla glue:  To fix just about anything!
Rhinestones, pearls and glitter: To make anything shiny and glamourous!
Safety Pins: Keep things together, or give it a punk look!
Fabric Glue and Pens:  Give things new life by attaching things, or decorating them!
Beads Buttons, and studs: Always fun for decorating or making jewelry!
• Ribbon: Makes great trim, patches and decoration!

Thrift Furniture Restoration & Decoration Toolbox
[is this name even longer??]

Steam Cleaner: Give new life to upholstered furniture by steam cleaning it.
Tape Measure: You know, to make sure it fits...
Dust rags & Q-Tips: Used for dusting, staining and painting.
Wood Oil: Give new life to old wood!
Wood Stain: Bring something from another century, into this one!
Spray Paint/Can: Hello to a new life!
Sandpaper in varying types: So you can stain, oil and paint your new goodies!
Leather Cleaner: To make your goodies shine like new, and keep them healthy for a long time!
Permanent Markers: To fix small scratches or scuffs.
Walnut: (Yes, the nut) Try it, use it on a wooden surface with knicks! It fills it in, even colors it. A little touch up stain and you're good to go!
• Wood Glue: To put things back together.
• Light Bulbs & Batteries: You know, to get these things to work!
• Screws, Nails and a general toolbox: For all the little things. No fancy tools, just a hammer, screw driver, and mallet.

Do you have more to add? Let me know what my toolbox is missing!


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  2. Great ideas to save thrifted items. I never thought of Gorilla glue or leather cleaners. Thanks. Can I suggest you add fabric dye and the fabric whitening dye to revive some garments?

    1. That's a great idea, I can't believe I didn't put those down! I have had on my blogging list to do a post just about dyes, I just haven't had a chance to put it together yet! Thanks again for the suggestion!


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