Sunday, October 16, 2011

QUIZ: What's your pumpkin style?

pumpkin patch dear wallet
Got a bunch of perfectly good pumpkins lazily cluttering up your doorstep with no idea what to do with them? Take this quick quiz to find out your pumpkin style this halloween!

1. Do pumpkin 'innards' make you:
a) Squeamish
b) Hungry
c) Inspired
d) Indifferent

2. Which fall decorating style does your home currently reflect?
a) Elegant Fall
b) Homey Harvest
c) Haunted House
d) Magazine Halloween

3. When do you begin 'prepping' for Halloween?
a) When your favorite magazine sends you their Halloween issue.
b) When Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice Latte.
c) When last Halloween ended!
d) When you get around to buying a pumpkin.

4. Who will be decorating and seeing the pumpkins?
a) Adults only
b) Just the family
c) Teens to adults
d) All ages

5. Which trait best describes you?
a) Leader
b) Family person
c) Crafter
d) Decorator

Now tally it up! 
Mostly 'A's: Sophisticated Party Pieces
You take the elegant approach to Halloween, glitter and paint may come in handy if that's what you find in the magazines. Your pumpkins reflect your need for an adult atmosphere, a coat of glitter spray paint, or a simply pinned piece of lace will give your pumpkins the classy and sophisticated look you desire: perfect for the centerpieces at your dinner party!

Mostly 'B's: Pumpkin Menu
Your family man (or woman!) and are more concerned about digging out every seed you can find, than worrying if your pumpkin is structurally sound for a face. Pumpkin pie, roasted seeds, and pumpkin soup are on your menu this year-leave the carving for the kids!

Mostly 'C's: PCA: Pumpkin Carver Anonymous 
You may be so inspired by the pumpkins at your local patch, you get anxiety choosing one! A small one could be a cute 'baby' to the 'mommy' and 'daddy' you found, or a distorted one would make a great monster eating a smaller one. Maybe you could paint it, or glue seeds to its face. Or all of the above. Ketchup and spray paint should probably be on your 'to get' list.

Mostly 'D's: Stencil Carver
You enjoy the fall season, even get into the fun of the Halloween spirit. But between running Susie and Johnny from football to ballet to soccer practice...pumpkin carving isn't your top priority. That's ok. Save the carving for the kids, stencils can be found anywhere, or printed off the internet. It will keep them busy for a few hours, giving you a chance to bake the seeds and enjoy a Pumpkin Spice latte!

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